Mormon Temple Garments

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Temple Garments 
There has been some talk of Mormon temple garments. So I thought I would say a few things about them. The Church discourages its members from engaging in casual conversation about temple garments so I will be brief;)

After a Mormon has gone through the temple he or she is expected to wear what is called the garment, or temple garment. In form it is usually a two piece undergarment consisting of what looks like a t-shirt and an extended leg brief. The pictures below are not Mormon garments, but they look almost exactly like Mormon garments. They are ordinary undergarments which can be purchased at any department store. In fact if you were in a locker room you probably wouldn't notice the difference. The Mormon garment is about 1 to 2 inches longer in the leg.



  1. Concerning "the garments". many people wear clothing that signifies something to them concerning their beliefs. But I have a question--does Matt Romney wear his "temple chastity belt" and boxers or briefs ?
    Thank you for your kind attention to this riveting question.


  2. I've been a Mormon all my life and have been endowed for over 15 years. My parents and grandparents and great-grandparents have all been devout Mormons. I have never heard of a "temple chastity belt." That is a myth.

  3. My husbands grandfather was buried in a green robe with gold trimmings. He was just a young boy and would like to know what this represented.

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